Founded in 2009 when both working for a significant residential developer in Melbourne, Felicity and Zoe identified a niche in the residential property industry that was not being addressed – settlements, and they both recognised the crucial nature of back end delivery in off the plan sales. This component of the process was frequently overlooked yet vital to bringing real financial value to developments and to help ensure brand integrity and purchaser satisfaction.

From humbler beginnings as a simple partnership with boundless enthusiasm and energy, the duo worked hard to grow a respected and reputed business. Having fine-tuned their craft over 10 years and with offices in VIC, NSW and QLD, Property Settlement Solutions confidently offers a sophisticated, proven and highly effective full-service settlement package to both large and small residential developers.


Our vision is to set the benchmark for settlement services across the eastern seaboard of Australia. We will exceed our clients’ expectations over and over again. We will deliver value driven results to developers and help uphold their hard-earned brand reputation.

We will use our proven systems and practices, our experience and know-how to ensure highly satisfactory settlements whilst offering support and assistance to your purchasers.



At the heart of our business, we strive to deliver real value and great results to our developers. Our reputation is only as good as our last job so we focus on delivering the best results on each and every job.


We are service! We are continuously looking for ways to improve and innovate; to set a new standard in incredible service.

Respect & Integrity

We are honest, real and fair. Our goal is to create and develop long term relationships so we focus on being transparent about how we do things: with strong values and always doing the right thing.


We are accountable to each other and our clients. We work hard to deliver the best results under the right conditions.


We are more powerful working together than as individuals. We respect input and ideas from all parties and are inclusive in action.


Felicity Smith – Head of Operations & General Management

With a strong background in hospitality management prior to entering the property world, service is in Felicity’s blood! Felicity then spent considerable time learning residential property at Colliers, working closely with the directors of the business whom she assisted, helping to run projects and manage client liaison with its vast network of developers and projects.

Felicity is responsible for general management of the day to day operations of all Property Settlement Solutions projects. She is passionate about getting the best result for developers, carefully scrutinising projects, the market and mitigating settlement risk. Her high energy and insistence on great performance means that she and the other PSS team members constantly strive to do better and more on each development, for our developers whilst ensuring a strong and caring communications channel to their purchasers.

Zoe van Maanen – New Business & General Management

Having spent years in retail advertising and PR before leaving to actively pursue a career in property, Zoe has highly tuned marketing skills that she applies to both running the business and nurturing relationships with developers. Her understanding and respect of brand and communications means the running of projects are strategically implemented to deliver clear, precise messages to purchasers, supporting the goodwill of developers and helping to minimise settlement risk.

Zoe’s passion for the industry and her careful, analytical mind gives her the ability to understand and service both local and international clients to the highest level. Coupled with extensive knowledge of the industry and a high work ethic she ensures the business is run smoothly and delivers a market leading service.