Welcome to the settlement journey blog for Preston Place, Preston.
We are Property settlement Solutions and we’ve been appointed by Metro Property Development to assist you in your settlement journey.  We will assist in areas such as co-ordinating access for valuations, booking your pre-settlement inspection, key collection after settlement and general enquiries.
You can think of us as your settlement concierge; we’re here to help however we can and point you in the right direction with your enquiries.
You’ll hear from us a bit during your settlement journey, and this is page is where updates will be posted. Below we’ll be sharing construction updates & photos, as well as posts letting you know when valuations and purchaser inspections are available. Please also check out our Settlement Guide or our Settlement FAQ for helpful tips to assist you with a smooth settlement.
For your journey Katrina Hope will be your settlement co-ordinator. Please feel free to get in touch with her if you have any questions. Katrina’s contact details are located at the bottom of this page.



Lots 1-5 Valuations Open Lots 17-30 Anticipated Early April lots 11-16 Anticipated Early - Mid April


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Late March 2024 - Timing Update

Lots1-5  Settlement is anticipated for Late April/Early May 2024 

Lots 6-10 Settlement is anticipated for Late May/Early June 2024 

Lots 11-16 Settlement is anticipated for Early – Mid May 2024  

Lots 17-30 Settlement is anticipated for Early-Mid May 2024

Lots 31-37  Settlement is anticipated for Q3 2024

Lots 38-49 – Settlement is anticipated for Q3 2024

Lots 50-65 Settlement is anticipated for Q4 2024Mid-Late

Please note all dates are anticipated until settlement is called and your legal rep informs you of your actual settlement date.

March 2024 - Timing Update

Lots1-5  Settlement is anticipated for May 2024 

Lots 6-10 Settlement is anticipated for Late May 2024 

Lots 11-16 Settlement is anticipated for Late April/Early May 2024  

Lots 17-22 Settlement is anticipated for May 2024

Lots 23-30 Settlement is anticipated for Mid May 2024   

Lots 31-37  Settlement is anticipated for Q3 2024

Lots 38-49 – Settlement is anticipated for Q3 2024

Lots 50-65 Settlement is anticipated for Q4 2024

March | Construction Update

Work is progressing steadily at Preston Place.

Lots1-5 and 11-16 have joinery and kitchen installation nearing completion with painting underway. 

Lots 6-10 are at the plastering and cladding stage.

Lots 17-30 are at tiling and painting stage.

Lots 50-61 are on track for framing to be completed in the next 2 weeks.

Lots 62-65 the framing has started.

Please see some construction photos below.

Finance Commencement

Lots 1-5 now is the time to get your pre approval in place with valuations to commence in the next week or so.

For those lots with an anticipated settlement of May you should be starting to get your pre-approvals in place with valuations to begin soon after Easter. 

We will send you an email once you townhouse is ready for a bank valuation.

Port Finance - Your finance recommendation

In 2001 Port Finance was established to provide residential and investment home loans in Australia.  We have worked with some of Australia’s best known property developers to help clients when purchasing ‘off the plan’ as well as providing finance for many international and overseas buyers.

With a strong long-term relationship with Metro Property Development and the recommended finance broker for their developments, including their Preston Place project.  Port Finance can offer clients products from over 30 lenders including high profile institutions and boutique lenders.

Port Finance continues to satisfy their clients with a well rounded and complete financial service.

Contact the team for a no obligation review of any of your financial needs:

E: krysty@portfinance.com.au
T: 03 9006 4703

Owners Corporation: Move In Procedures , Utilities Connections

Your Owners Corporation is called The Knight. Their contact details are contained in the document found here

This document also contains important move in procedure details, plus how to connect utilities and what insurances are required for your townhouses.

This document is found here

Please contact them directly with any questions you may have about this document.




At about 3-4 months before settlement you should start to narrow down what financial options you have to settle.

Will you settle by cash, get a home loan, or maybe a combination?

Should you choose to finance with a loan, we recommend you appoint a broker to assist you with your applications.


We'll let you know once your apartment is ready bank valuations will be available, usually there are required as part of your loan application.

For purchasers bringing money into Australia, make sure you have set up an Australian bank account and begin transferring your money.


At this point construction on your new home is almost complete. We will send you an invite to conduct your pre-settlement inspection.

Any defects picked up in your inspection, will be noted and passed to the builder to begin addressing.


Once your inspection is complete the next stage is to wait for the Occupancy Permit and Titles to be issued so settlement can be called.

Your finance, either cash transfer or Bank loan, should be finalised and ready for settlement.

During this time the builder will continue to address any defects where possible.


Once settlement is called your conveyancer will assist you in preparing for your settlement.

Make sure your loan has been finalised and your cash is ready.

Once your settlement is complete the keys to your new home will be available to collect.


Your settlement has been finalised.

We'll pass on details of the move in process and helpful information so you can get ready for your new home.

Your dedicated Owners corporation/ building manager will now be your point of contact & assist you with settling in to your new home.


Katrina Hope
Senior Project Manager

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