Settlement Anticipated for September 2022




Works on site are now progressing well with some minor supply issues to deal with. 

Settlement is now expected in Mid-September if all goes well.

The utility connection  metering is the only foreseeable delay as these companies are experiencing long delays metering.

We will update you as soon as possible if any further delays do occur.

Please note that all timings are anticipated until settlement is called.

We will let you know when it is time to organise your pre approvals and we will send you an email once your apartment is ready for bank valuation.

If you have any concerns regarding your settlement position please contact Katrina.




Works on site are now progressing at a more normalised pace, the Builders are still experiencing some supply issues which they are working through which is predominantly Glass supply.

Internal lifts installation is now complete.

Plastering is complete to Ground, first and second floor with Third floor progressing well.

Some cabinets are now being installed

Internal Tiling has commenced.

We are working towards a July /August completion and are hoping to start settlements  some time in August.

If you have any concerns regarding your settlement position please contact Katrina.




Unfortunately work has been impacted onsite since the return from the Christmas break.

This is due to COVID related supply chain disruptions and Government mandated staff isolation requirements.

The builders have now received plaster deliveries, albeit four weeks late and staff numbers this week appear to be slowly returning to normal.

Most services are now installed in the apartments and plastering has commenced.

The Bianco Team is now envisaging an anticipated completion timing of Late July, save for any further COVID interruptions.

 The Bianco team as always will endeavour to pick up program time lost wherever possible.

If you have any concerns regarding your settlement position please contact Katrina.




Work has been steaming ahead at Bainco.

The structure is now complete with all basement services also complete.

The site has permanent power connected.

Internal walls and services have commenced on ground, levels one and two.

Bianco is slowly recovering some time lost due to Government lockdowns however supply chain issues are still causing the industry concerns.

 The Bianco team are pushing hard for completion towards the end of  June/ July 2022 however this is anticipated only and is subject to supply chain and materials arriving on time.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy holiday period and a great start  to 2022.

If you have any concerns regarding your settlement position please contact Katrina.




Unfortunately work on Bianco has been significantly impacted by the Government’s construction restrictions.

 During September very limited work has been able to be completed due to the initial 25% site capacity restriction and now the complete shutdown of the construction industry for 2 weeks.

The Bianco team awaits the Government’s announcement on when construction can resume and at what capacity they will be allowed to return to.

We regret to say that this has pushed the program out  and now anticipate completion of Late June/Early July 2022 at this stage.

We will update you if the project timing changes once the builders once the are back at full capacity and they can evaluate what time they can make up and determine the true delays caused by this uncertainty.




Hi there , we’re Property Settlement Solutions, welcome to the settlement updates page for Bianco !
We’re appointed by the Castran Gilbert and the Damgar Property Group to assist you in your settlement journey, from now, right up until you collect your keys. You can think of us as your settlement concierge; we’re here to help however we can and point you in the right direction with your enquiries. 
You’ll hear from us a bit during your settlement journey, and this is where most updates will be posted – the settlement update page. On this page we’ll be sharing construction updates, photos, letting you know when valuations and Purchaser Inspections are available, as well as some helpful tips and advice to assist you with a smooth settlement. At this stage we will update this page quarterly.
Although we’re quite knowledgeable about the settlement process, we aren’t trained legal professionals. We’ll leave that to your conveyancer. They will be able to look after questions about your contract of sale, stamp duty or other legal aspects of your settlement.
For your journey Katrina Hope will be your settlement co-ordinator. You can contact Katrina on 0493098241 or email her at
 In the meantime, please feel free check out the frequently asked settlement questions or drop Katrina an email. We look forward to helping you out along your settlement journey at Bianco. 



Excavation on-site is progressing well with anticipated settlement on track on anticipated for Quarter 2 2022 , subject to the unforeseen delays. 
The excavation is completed for the basement and all inground services will start to be installed in the coming months.  The Tower carne is also expected to be erected over the coming months.
Feel free to check out the site photo below. 



Work is streaming ahead, and the site has been a hive of activity.


Basement levels are now complete and in ground services have been installed.


The ground floor slab is due to be poured this week which will see above ground commence by the end of July.


Despite heavy rain events and yet another COVID 19 lockdown the team is confident of picking up these delays throughout the rest of the program and the projects is still on target for completion Q2 2022.





At about 3-4 months before settlement you should start to narrow down what financial options you have to settle.

Will you settle by cash, get a home loan, or maybe a combination?

Should you choose to finance with a loan, we recommend you appoint a broker to assist you with your applications.


Generally 6-8 weeks prior to settlement.

We'll let you know once your apartment is ready bank valuations will be available, usually there are required as part of your loan application.

For purchasers bringing money into Australia, make sure you have set up an Australian bank account and begin transferring your money.


Generally 4-2 weeks prior to settlement

At this point construction on your new home is almost complete. We will send you an invite to conduct your pre-settlement inspection.

Any defects picked up in your inspection, will be noted and passed to the builder to begin addressing.


Once your inspection is complete the next stage is to wait for the Occupancy Permit and Titles to be issued so settlement can be called.

Your finance, either cash transfer or Bank loan, should be finalised and ready for settlement.

During this time the builder will continue to address any defects where possible.


Once settlement is called your conveyancer will assist you in preparing for your settlement.

Make sure your loan has been finalised and your cash is ready.

Once your settlement is complete the keys to your new home will be available to collect.


Your settlement has been finalised.

We'll pass on details of the move in process and helpful information so you can get ready for your new home.

Your dedicated Owners corporation/ building manager will now be your point of contact & assist you with settling in to your new home.


Senior Project Manager 
0493 098 241

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